New for the

2019 Northwest MX Series

-Every single rider who races a PRO event and has a PRO Membership will have a chance to win $1000 towards a new motorcycle to be redeemed at one of sponsoring shops below

-Total of 5 vouchers will be given out: 1-50cc class, 1-65cc class, 1-85c class, 1-125-250cc class, 1-450cc class

-The giveaways for the specific class sizes will be announced the day of the event

-Vouchers can only be used to purchase a NEW race bike

-One Voucher per dealer

Luke Bierek

.Winner of the $1,000 certificate at Rounds 5&6 Horn Rapids MX Park

Andrew Gray

Winner of the $1000 certificate. Rounds 3&4 Airway MX Park

Aydan Handran

Winner of the $1000 certificate for 85cc. Rounds 7&8 Riverdale Raceways

Madeline Wood

Winner of the $1000 certificate for 65cc.  Rounds 9&10, The Ridge MX

Welcoming back Thor as a series sponsor for another year.

4 sets of gear will be given away each weekend, youth sizes included.


Welcome the new Pacific Racing Organization’s website. The P.R.O. enjoys putting on fun, safe and memorable motocross events throughout Washington and Oregon. We continue to strive with our sponsors, supporters, racers and families which have helped pave the way for such a successful organization.

We appreciate your support and hope that you have loads of fun at the next event you attend!