General Admission

Ages 0-5: Free (non rider only)

Single Day Pass:
6 & Older: $15.00 per person

Weekend 2 Day Pass:
6 & Older: $25.00 per person

Everyone must purchase a wristband for both Saturday and Sunday, when entering the park for Friday or Saturday. If you plan to leave and not stay for Sunday, you will be allowed to get a refund for Sunday up unitl 7pm Saturday evening.

There will be NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

All riders must purchase a wristband to practice and race.


$20.00 per RV/Truck & Trailer/Tent, per night
* See details on specific events, fees may vary.

HRMC Events: $30.00 per night. Limited power/water hook up spots available.

Everyone must purchase a camping pass for both Friday and Saturday, when entering the park for Friday. If you plan to leave and not stay Saturday night, you will be allowed to get a refund up unitl 7pm Saturday evening.

There will be NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

gates open

Friday 2pm-11pm
Saturday: 6am-10pm
Sunday: 6am-1pm

rider sign up

Friday: 6pm-8pm
Saturday: 6:30am-End of Practice
Sunday: 7:00am-End of Practice

Race Schedule

Practice: 8:00am
Racing Starts: 10:30am (approx)

amatuer race entry

50cc-450cc Non-Members:
$35.00 per class

50cc-450cc P.R.O. Members:
$30.00 per class

pro race entry

250/450/Unlimited Pro:
$30.00 per class

* 250/450 Pro are 2 moto format
* Unlimited Pro is 1 moto format



200% Pro Payout - 250/450/Unlimited Pro
100% Pro Payout - 25+ Expert / 30+ Expert

Click here Pro Series Purse Event Payout

All professional riders are required to purchase a P.R.O. Membership in order to recieve any pro payback.


For more specific information about our contingency programs, follow the link below.

2017 Contingencies


All amatuer classes will trophy 30% of all classes. 50cc classes will trophy 100% of all classes.

No membership required to recieve day trophies. Must have 3 or more riders in class to recieve an event trophy.


This is an option other than a trophy.
1st Place - $15.00
2nd Place - $10.00
3rd Place - $8.00
4th Place - $6.00
5th Place - $5.00

series awards

Rider must race 9 of the 12 rounds to qualify for series end awards. Rider must also have a current P.R.O. membership.

Each round will accumlate points for the overall finish. We will NOT be dropping any of your worst finishing rounds for 2017.

Top 10 riders will be invited to the "Banquet of Champions" awards ceremony. All riders outside of top 10 will still recieve series award plaques for their participation.

P.R.O. Memberships

P.R.O. Memberships entitles you to factory contingencies, series contingencies, giveaways, prizes and series end awards. Enable for you to qualify for all our benefits that we listed you must purchase a P.R.O. Membership. If you have any other questions please feel free to call us at (360) 825-2106.

P.R.O. Memberships when purchased will be valid for 1 one year from purchase date. Example P.R.O. Membership brought 03/17 will not expire till 03/18.



2017 classes:

250 Beginner (D)
250 Junior (C)
250 Intermediate (B)
250 Pro (A) $$

450 Beginner (D)
450 Junior (C)
450 Intermediate (B)
450 Pro (A) $$

Schoolboy 12-16 (125cc-250Fcc) - No 250cc 2-Strokes
Collegeboy 17-24 (125cc-450cc)
Unlimited Pro (A) $$


$$ Purse classes
250 (D) (C) (B) (A) - 125cc-250cc - Ages: 12+
450 (D) (C) (B) (A) - 250cc-620cc - Ages: 12+
Women (D) (C/B) (A) - 85cc-250cc - Ages: 12+
85cc (D) (C) (B) - 80cc-85cc - 7-15 (No big wheels)
Supermini & Beg. Open - 80cc-150cc - 7-16
65cc (D) (C) (B) (Open) - 60cc-65cc - Ages: 6-11
50cc (D) (C) (B) (Open) - 50cc-70cc - Ages: 0-9
Beginner (D) - 0-1 years experience
Novice/Junior (C) - 0-2 years experience
Intermediate (B) - 3+ years experience
Pro (A) - 4+ years experience
Schoolboy 12-16 - (125cc-250Fcc Amateur Only)
Collegeboy 17-24 - (125cc-450cc Amateur Only)

50cc Beginner (D)
50cc Junior (C)
50cc Intermediate (B)
50cc Open (D/C/B)

65cc Beginner (D)
65cc Junior (C)
65cc Intermediate (B)
65cc Open (D/C/B)

85cc Beginner (D)
85cc Junior (C)
85cc Intermediate (B)
85-150cc Supermini
85cc-150cc Open Beg.(D)

Women Beginner (D)
Women Sportsman (C/B)
Women Expert (A)

25+ Sportsman (D/C)
25+ Expert (B/A)

30+ Sportsman (D/C)
30+ Intermediate (B)
30+ Expert (A) $$

40+ Sportsman (D/C)
40+ Intermediate (B)
40+ Legends (A)

50+ Relic

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