This information and pricing is only for the NWMX series that runs through 6/2023. Our next race is the Top Gun Team Shootout at Airway X Motocross Park in Airway Heights, WA. Please check out the information page here 

General Admission

Ages 0-7: Free (non rider only)
8 & Older: Single Day pass $15 per person. Weekend 2 Day Pass $25.00. 
Everyone must purchase a wristband for both Saturday and Sunday, when entering the park for Friday or Saturday. If you plan to leave and not stay for Sunday, you will be allowed to get a refund for Sunday up until 7pm Saturday evening.
There will be NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
All riders must purchase a wristband to practice and race.


$25.00 per night with the exception of Horn Rapids ($40/night) Airway X ($35/night)



Transponders are required for all classes except Peewee and 50cc Beginner. Rental cost $10 and you must leave $100 cash deposit, physical credit card or driver’s license with us.

Race Entries

50cc-450cc Non-Members:$45.00 per class
50cc-450cc P.R.O. Member:$40.00 per class

PRO RACE ENTRIES: Unlimited Pro:3-Moto Format $40.00 (PRO Membership Required)


Gates Open

Friday 2pm-11pm

Saturday: 6am-10pm

Sunday: 6am-1pm

Rider Sign-up

Friday: 6pm-8pm

Saturday: 6:30am

Sunday: 7:00am



Day Trophies

All amateur classes will trophy 30% of all classes.
No membership is required to receive day trophies. Must have 3 or more riders in class to receive a day trophy.



Beginner (D) – 0-1 years experience
Novice/Junior (C) – 0-2 years experience
Intermediate (B) – 3+ years experience


Class Info

125 (D) 125 (B/C) 12+

250 (D) (C) (B) (A) – 125cc-250cc – Ages: 12+
450 (D) (C) (B) (A) – 250cc-620cc – Ages: 12+
Women (D) (C/B) (A) – 85cc-250cc – Ages: 12+
Unlimited (A) 3 Moto format – 125cc-620cc – Ages: 16+
85cc (D) (C) (B) – 80cc-150cc – 7-15 (No big wheels)
Supermini & Beg. Open – 80cc-150cc – 7-16 (big wheels ok)
65cc (D) (C) (B) (Open) – 60cc-65cc – Ages: 6-11
50cc (D) (C) (B) (Open) – 50cc-70cc – Ages: 0-9

2023 Classes

250 Beginner (D)
250 Junior (C)
250 Intermediate (B)
450 Beginner (D)
450 Junior (C)
450 Intermediate (B)
Unlimited Pro A (3-Moto Format)
50cc Beginner (D)
50cc Junior (C)
50cc Intermediate (B)
50cc Open (D/C/B)

65cc Beginner (D)
65cc Junior (C)
65cc Intermediate (B)
65cc Open (D/C/B)
85cc Beginner (D)
85cc Junior (C)
85cc Intermediate (B)
85-150cc Supermini
85cc Open Beginner (D)

Girls 12 & Under

Women Beginner (D)
Women Sportsman (C/B)
Women Expert (A)
25+ Sportsman (D/C)
25+ Expert (B/A)

30+ Sportsman (D/C)
30+ Intermediate (B)
30+ Expert (A)
40+ Sportsman (D/C)
40+ Int (B)
40+ Legends (A)
50+ Relic

Schoolboy 12-16
(125cc-250cc Amateur Only)

Collegeboy 17-24
(125cc-450cc Amateur Only)

125 (D) Beginner

125 (B/C) Sportsman

PRO Membership


  • Rider must complete a minimum of 8 out of 10 rounds to qualify for series-end awards.  All points earned will count towards the riders championship points.  In the event of a tie, both riders will receive the placement. NO POINTS WILL BE DROPPED
  • Top 10 riders will be invited to the “Banquet of Champions” awards ceremony. All riders outside of top 10 will still receive award plaques for their participation.

Contact Us

741-D Stevenson Ave. Enumclaw, WA. 98022